HK100 (Thomas Fan)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2016 (Edmond Cheung)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2016 (Fuse Choy)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2016 (Cheng Chung Lin)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2016 (Ken Leung)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2016 (Raymond Chan)
The Clearwater Bay Chase 2016 (Fuse Choy)
Mizuno Half Marathon 2015 (Raymond Chan)
GUAM RUN 30Km Cum Shek Kong 10K 2015 (David's Wife)
Win Win Run 2015 (Fuse Choy)


NYC Marathon 2011

I signed up today via Jebsen Travel in HK. I know they have a few spots avaliable for those of us looking for guarenteed entry. Can't wait to run my first marathon in NYC :)

Running in Tokyo

Did a quick 5K run Monday night around the Imperial Palace during my vacation in Japan (just got back last night). Even thought it was quite chilly (about -1C) I found it to be a super fun run.

Looking to replace 50K hiker for Green Power Hike

Since it isn't against the rules to replace a hiker I was wondering if any 50K hikers need replacing. Here's the replacement details link:

Nike+ runners - pls stand up

Hi everyone,

Just wondering: how many people do we have here using the Nike+ system?

HanGang Marathon

I've received a message from the organiser of the Hangang Marathon in Seoul. I did the marathon last year but won't take part this year.

China Coast Marathon & Half

Does anybody know how to contact the people at CCM?

I wish to change from the FULL to the HALF, but emails and phone numbers provided go unanswered.

Any help would be appreciated.



Have any half marathoners receive notification on bib numbering yet? It seems that the full marathoners have received theirs.

Please clarify anybody?

HKMP - improvement

I think we all agree races held by HKMP is well organised, good and perfect.

Running in snowy weather

I will be traveling to Japan next week to snowboard with friends. Want to get some running in while I am at the resort (there is no gym in our hotel).

Standard Chartered Half Marathon 2011

Thanks for your feedback. Will proceed as suggested.

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