Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019 (Chung Lin Cheng)
Lok Wah 100min Half Marathon Elite Race (MaKee Snap Shot)
Sportshouse Hong Kong 10K Challenge 2018 (Cheng Chung Lin)
Chung Hing Cup 2018 (Coey Yuen)
Chung Hing Cup 2018 (wmhy)
12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (HKRun)
Mizuno Hong Kong Half Marathon 2017 (Coey Yuen)
ASICS Hong Kong Island 10K City Race (Cheng Chung Lin)


pattaya marathon

i'm planning to run the pattaya marathon in thailand this july. has anybody run this before? do they have gatorade on course or just plain water? and what advice can you give me to combat the scorc

Running Track in or around Central

I am training for a marathon and am looking for a flat ground to upto 7 miles of running. Are there any running tracks in or around Central?

Macau marathon

Hi - I am considering entering the 2007 Macau marathon and would appreciate some feedback on the course (many hills? how bad is the bridge?) and race organisation (enough drink stations?). I haven't run a marathon before and wondered if this is a wise choice for a marathon beginner.

Fastest marathon cities

Based on the average result of the top 5 runners of each international marathon held in 2004, 2005 and 2006, the following cities are the 10 fastest marathon cities. Men 1. London (2:07:39) 2. Chicago (2:07:48)

Ed Whitlock

It seems that the hot weather in Rotterdam did little to deter the legendary Ed Whitlock. The 75 year old got round in 3.04! See this link for more information:

Cross Country For Kids

I am looking for a cross country race in autumn or winter that my secondary school kids could work towards. Are there any cross country races in Hong Kong that are specifically organised for students

Coloane Half Marathon Route

I'm off to Macau at the weekend but don't want to miss out on my Sunday long run. Can anyone give me directions for the Coloane (off road) half marathon? Thanks in advance. Martin

june 30 mid-night 10k race

hi everyone, just received my lok wah runners monthly, in the coming race list, i found a new race dated june 30, 2007, named 10 years anniversary hk return to china mid-night 10k, race course is tolo harbour cycle track.

o-ring for Polar S1 footpod?

Has anyone had to replace the o-ring in your s-1 footpod? I seem to remember a discussion a long time ago on this topic. Does anyone know of a shop that sells a selection of rubber o-rings so I don't have to buy the overpriced ones from Polr HK?

KOTH Mountain Marathon Dates

Dear all, Subject to final revision to avoid clashing with the Standard Chartered Marathon, below are our intended dates for the KOTH Mountain Marathons this coming season: 25 November 2007 - Sai Kung
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