Southern District Cross Country Run 2014 (Sam Tam on Facebook)
Southern District Cross Country Run (Fuse Choy on Facebook)
Vemme Peak Run (Sam Tam on Facebook)
KTP Mid-Summer Run 2014 (Benson Lau on Facebook)
Run for Positive Mental Health (wmhy)
Bonaqua Action Sprint DBAY 2014 (Sportsworld Hong Kong on Facebook)
8th Tolo Harbour 10K (wmhy)
Panasonic Pacers Charity Run 3km 2014 (Sports World Hong Kong)
Panasonic Pacers Easter Charity Run (Sam Tam on Facebook)
Panasonic Easter Charity Run 2014 (Edmond Cheung)


First Chinese born athlete to capture gold

Less than one year to go... Can anyone take a shot at naming the first chinese born athlete to claim olympic gold?

Thaiquain Cup Entries

The organizers of Thaiquain Cup to be held on Sept 2 would like to remind all runners that less than 100 quotas are left, so those who plan to join but have not applied yet please hurry up.

Masters Rankings 2007

Hello, here is the first preview from the Masters Rankings 2007 Send your results lists.

Sports & Discovery Expo 2007

Global Running Routes website

Came across a running route website which allows users to mark the routes on Googlemap using the online tools.

Revamping the cycling tracks across NT

It is a piece of good news to our runners for long run and some longer races. The relevant news

High Heel Race at St Petersburg

Seem to me a kind of harassment to ladies than a sports event. It's quite dangerous too! The report did not mention how far/fast they run.

New Route 8 alignment (Shatin to Tsing Yi - 15km)

Will there be any running event held other than Community Chest before the opening of the new Route 8?

messy 10th anniversary Runification midnight run

I just participated this race. From the beginning to the end, everything was in a mess. Registration and number cloth counter, actually we can't say there is a counter. All the runners just like refugee as all such counters have no labelling for which categories they belong to.
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