TWAC 10K Evening Race (Meimei Chan)
TWAC 10K Evening Race (Joe Tang)
XTE Mid-Summer Race 1- Tai Tam (Yau Gor - 行山跑步之歡樂影集)
Yuen Long X-Country Race 2016 (Coey Yuen)
Yuen Long X-Country Race 2016 (Kan To Photography)
Run Our City 2016 (Lous Choi)
Tolo Harbour 10K (wmhy)
Tolo Harbour 10K (心夢之城)
HYSAN Healthy Hike & Run 2016 (Thomas Fan)
SOGO Charity Run 2016 (Coey Yuen)


3 main Failures of Raleigh Convoy Challenge - Wilson Trail 2007

Hi all racers and HK runners,

Good perfromance of Hong Kong Runner in Amsterdam

Congratulations to Lok Wah's Wong Ping Chuen 王炳全 who had a brilliant performance at Amsterdam Marathon last Sunday with a time of 2:42:08, a new PR and 2nd in the M45 category!

Follow-up LegCo question about Standard Chartered HK Marathon

18. Hon Frederick FUNG to ask: (Translation) Following the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2007 held in March this year, some academics and runners made the following suggestions:

Date of Clearwater Bay Annual Chase Fixed

The organizers would like to inform all runners that the date its Annual Chase 2008 has been set to be 16 March (Sunday) 2008.

Representative of Distant running group in Torchbearer selection

Representative of Distant running group in Torchbearer selection

Sudden Death - another case

One of my friends, Mr. KM Yung, passed away yesterday morning when he ran as usual. He was healthy and keep running and hiking regularly.

海濤參加奥運火炬手選舉 請大家多多支持


New Marathon World Record!

Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie (基比沙拉斯) won Berlin Marathon with a world record time of 2:04:26!

Run, girl, run!

What a truly inhumane story !!! Eight-year-old's 4,000km marathon raises some troubling questions

Wanchai Sports Ground to be Demolished?

Wanchai Sports Ground, a "collective memory" by Hong Kong's athletes, will give way to the expansion of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, according to this report from The Standard yesterday:
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