Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019 (Chung Lin Cheng)
Lok Wah 100min Half Marathon Elite Race (MaKee Snap Shot)
Sportshouse Hong Kong 10K Challenge 2018 (Cheng Chung Lin)
Chung Hing Cup 2018 (Coey Yuen)
Chung Hing Cup 2018 (wmhy)
12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (HKRun)
Mizuno Hong Kong Half Marathon 2017 (Coey Yuen)
ASICS Hong Kong Island 10K City Race (Cheng Chung Lin)

Shoes and gear

Noene Insole

Hi all, any idea where to find in Hong Kong those NOENE in-sole ( ? cheers

Where to buy Asics in Tokyo?

I am puzzled that I could not find a specialist Asics shop selling running gear in Tokyo ... have asked a Japanese friend to look into the Japanese website but there was no mention of where to buy their products!

NOKIA 5500

Hi, Has anyone tried NOKIA 5500? The press claims that it can measure the pace, distance, and calorie without assisted by other device, in sport mode. Is it true? Thx

Polar watch #AXN300

Has anyone used the POLAR watch before ?? Any comments??

Adidas Running Watch

Adidas just sent me an email about its new products, including the running watch. The models are ADP1001 and ADP1034. The staff of adidas shop told me they are available

Anyone listens music while running?

It makes life less boring when listening music at the same time practising on sport ground. But I see very few people do this when running in competition.Does it mean listening MP3 when running has negative effect on performance?

Where to find the Garmin Forerunner 305 in HK?

Does anyone know where I can buy the Garmin Forerunner 305 in Hong Kong? I would normally buy it online and wait the required 4-6 weeks, but I need it urgently as a gift to someone.

GPS Watches

To GPS veterans: I understand that Casio is coming out with a GPS watch (Grp100). I wonder how the GPS technology they are using compares with the new and improved Garmin GPS chip ( Forerunner 205

Vasque Blur Trail Running shoes

Just noticed that there is a new series of trail running shoes from Vasque - Blur. Anyone tried it before? Vasque-Blur-Trail-Running-Shoe-Mens

running ID

i see in magazines talk of a running ID that is either sold as a band to wear around the wrist or attached to the shoe.....are these sold in HK ?
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