Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (HKRun)
Mizuno Hong Kong Half Marathon 2017 (Coey Yuen)
ASICS Hong Kong Island 10K City Race (Cheng Chung Lin)
Sportshouse Hong Kong 10K Challenge (Vic Hui)
Chung Hing Cup 2017 (wmhy)
AQUARIUS TWAC Chairman Memorial 10K Race (Meimei Chan)
AQUARIUS TWAC Chairman Memorial 10K Race (Coey Yuen)
2017 AQUARIUS TWAC Chairman Memorial Cup 10K Evening Race (Kenneth Kwok)
XTE Midsummer Race 1 (Coey Yuen)
ANS Shatin 10K Classic Riverside Race 2017 (Manstar)

Health and injury

X ray MRI ??

X ray MRI ??

please recommend place to take X ray or digital X ray ?

you can also PM me

Compared to X ray, bone and knee checking,
When to use MRI ? cost ?
When to use X ray ?

IT (illotibial) band syndrome

I'm really struggling to get over IT band pain occurring in my knees.

促進腦細胞生長 跑步越多越醒目 (Apple Daily)


Broken collarbone

Does anyone have experience of how much time resting from running a broken collarbone requires?

Is Running Bad for your Knees?

Found this interesting article in

Left foot (3rd & 4th toe) Pain

Hi all,

Recently I feel pain on my left foot (3rd & 4th) toe, the pain come only after running for 40min and it will go away if I rest for couple of minutes. wonder anyone have any cure for it.

Swollen Ankle

After running the sundown adidas this year, my left ankle swells and hurts for about a week. It happened again in subsequent half marathon and above. Strangely, it does not happen after long runs.

Any good orthopaedic doctor to recommend in Wanchai <=> Central area?

Anyone here could give me a recommendation on the above? I am experiencig pain at the bottom of my foot after running last week. Many thanks.

plasma rich platelet

Hi, Does anyone knows if plasma rich platelet treatment is avaliable in Hong Kong?

Sports Physician

I've had chronic heel pain for about 7 months now. I've tried a little physio and some remedies of my own design (like anti-inflammatories, ice, rest) but been unsuccessful in getting rid of this.
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