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Healthy Hike & Run - 5km/13km/19km

10/03/2019 08:30

Healthy Hike & Run 健康遠足及跑步賽
Mar 10, 2019 (Sunday) 2019年3月10日(星期日)
早上8:30 a.m (19km 公里) 早上8:50 a.m. (13km 公里/5km公里)
Tai Tong Shan Rd BBQ (500m above Po Leung Kuk), Tai Lam, N.T., Hong Kong
5 km 公里, 13 km 公里, 19 km 公里
To promote a clean environment and beautiful trail hiking around Tai Lam
BUS transport to start:(extra HK$ 40) - Please select when in online registration.

6:45am - Admiralty MTR, Exit C2 (Cafe de Coral near McDonalds by taxi stand under cover)

6:45am - Kowloon Tong MTR, Exit F (Somerset Rd - 75m away from MTR entrance, close to Yew Chung International School - Primary Section)

6:45am - Shatin MTR, Exit B (Pai Tau Street, beside the mini bus station)

Please refer to "SHUTTLE BUS STOPS" document in the "Download PDF" section on the left hand side of the page for the exact bus location.

單程巴士直達賽事起點: (另須繳付港幣$40) - 請於網上報名時,於巴士選項中選定上車地點。

早上6時45分- 金鐘港鐵站C2出口 (大家樂門口,有蓋的士站附近)

早上6時45分- 九龍塘港鐵站F出口 (森麻實道,於港鐵站出口外約75米,近耀中國際學校小學部)

早上6時45分- 沙田港鐵站B出口(排頭街,於港鐵站往小巴站方向)

請參閱左方 "Download PDF" 內的 "SHUTTLE BUS STOPS" 文件有關上車地點位置詳情。

*Note free shuttle BUS after race for all participants starting at 10:00am through 2pm every 25-45 mins est.

(our bus drivers try to arrive on time since there might be delay due to traffic in Yuen Long city)

(1) Big bus - To Yuen Long MTR.

(2) Small bus - Go down hill to corner of Tai Tong Shan Road and Kiu Hing Road.

Bus is first come first serve on each journey. This way if you miss large bus you can grab small shuttle down road to road junction where taxis, minibuses and public buses go by.

Tentative schedule:

10:00, 10:10, 10:20, 10:30, 10:40, 10:50, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45, 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 13:00, 13:15, 13:30, 14:00

The organiser will try their best to guarantee the bus schedule, however the bus schedule is subject to the traffic.

*大會提供賽後免費巴士(供所有參加者乘坐),時間由早上10時 -下午2時 (大會將會增加巴士數目,約每25至45分鐘一班,班次或會因屆時交通情況有變,車長將盡量跟隨班次時間,未班次滿坐,須等候下班巴士) 。
(1) 大巴-前往元朗西鐵站附近;
(2) 小巴-只前往橋興路/大棠山路馬路交界

如未能乘坐上述大巴,可乘坐小巴到路口轉乘其他公共交通工具 。


10:00, 10:10, 10:20, 10:30, 10:40, 10:50, 11:15, 11:30, 11:45, 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 13:00, 13:15, 13:30, 14:00

Public transport to start:
From HK side:
No 968 goes thru Western tunnel direct to Yuen Long. Then catch taxi (approx HK$35 to Tai Tong Shan Rd). Minibuses also along Tai Tong Road but must walk 1 km up hill.