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RICOH Healthy Hike & Run 5k - 13k - 19k

18/03/2018 08:30

5 km course description: (5.5 km) HIKERS & RUNNERS - Yes you can walk this if you want to. Time limit - 3.5 hours
Elevation gain 223m, elevation loss 232m, total gain/loss 455m, min elevation 29m, max elevation 161m.

13 km course description: (13.2 km) - time limit 4 hours.

Elevation gain 572m, elevation loss 571, total gain/loss 1143m, min elevation 46m, highest elevation 221m.

Water checkpoint: Total 1 - End of reservoir approx 10.2km (bring your own water bottle for refill as using large Watsons 18L carboys). Bananas and orange at CP. Time limit 3 hours.

19 km course description: - time limit is 5 hours

Race starts at 8:30am IN BBQ AREA. The 19km will start on it's own. (5km / 13km will leave 20 minutes later. All will go an estimated 1.5km along the cement road into the Tai Lam country park to a major “Y” junction. Please remember when you hit this first major junction the 5km participants will go LEFT and the 13km/19km participants will go RIGHT. For the 13km/19km participants you will follow the same trail for 4km then there will be another junction on the downhill road section where 13km participants will go LEFT into the reservoir McLehouse trail and 19km participants will go straight further down the road another 300m until a LEFT turn by the entrance to the DAM. The route will follow the main mountain bike trail around the reservoir until the water checkpoint one located in the grass picnic area where the WSD road connects with the road crossing the Dam. Runners will cross the main dam and stay on the main road until the first junction where they will turn LEFT AND CONTINUE UPHILL FOLLOWING THE MAIN TAI LAM CHUNG RESERVOIR TRACK ROAD for approximately 2km until the bridge by the river where the marshall will be to send you up a short trail that connects to the Yuen Tuen Country trail. This route will go around the reservoir mostly on the Yuen Tun Country trail following marked ribbon course and A5 size arrow signs that will eventually lead them back to the end of the reservoir where you will cross the road and follow a very narrow trail down to the bridge at the back of the picnic area where the water checkpoint 2 is located that shares also with the 13km. Once thru this check point participants will go up the road approximately 400m to the Yuen Tuen Trail entrance on RIGHT (same as 5km turn off the road) and everyone (all categories) follow Yuen Tuen trail approx 2.5km until the last LEFT and approx 800m uphill turn leading to the back of the BBQ where the finish is. Course marked with ribbons and A5 size signs so please slow down at all junctions to observe for course direction signs.

Cut-Offs for 19km

Water / Medical Cp1 - 1 hr 30 min (10:00 am) - BBQ area at Tai Lam Chung before DAM

Water / Medical Cp2 - 4 hr (12:30 pm) - Tai Tong Shan Rd & Maclehose trail stage 10 picnic area (those cut will be driven back to finish)

FINISH - 5 hr (1:30 pm)

FINISH LINE FOR ALL AND 19km all checkpoints (bring your own water bottle for refill as using large Watsons 18L carboys). Bananas and oranges at CP.
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