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Youth World Championships

Many nations have pulled out of the Youth World Championships in Kenya starting Wednesday, but Hong Kong, undaunted by crime and terrorism, has entered 5 -- all sprinters of course. Though in fairness Chan Pui Kei’s qualifying times seem worthy of a place in 100 and 200 semis.

The meet will probably be streamed. See the suggestions in the "Diamond League and IAAF world championships on TV" thread.

Re: Youth World Championships boys 100

Rico Tse was close to his PB in his heat (10.77) but he was only 6th and the slowest to get through to the semis ran 10.62.

Chan Pui Kei had a rough day, a half second off her PB. She was 21st of 29 in the heats (12.44) a long way from getting through.

Addis Wong is up today in the 110 highs, but he has by far the slowest qualifying time in his heat.

Re: Youth World Championships - boys high hurdles

Addis Wong was a half second off his best in the heats and ended up 26th of 28. Worse, he was beaten by a kid from Macau.

Ma Chi Fai and Chan Pui Kei are up in the 200s today.

Re: Youth World Championships 200s

A very rough day for our school kids. Chan Pui Kei was 20th of 26 in the 200 heats with a 25.22. It took under 24.9 to go through.

Ma Chi Fai looked even worse. He beat only one of the 30 starters and his 22.57 was about 0.6 too slow to go through.

We have one more competitor: Shing Cho Yan, up this evening (Hong Kong time) in the heats of the high hurdles.

Re: Youth World Championships girls' high hurdles

Shing Cho Yan got within 0.06 of her PB in her heat of the high hurdles, but she was still able to beat only 2 of the 19 entered.

Are we wise to send high school kids to these major meets knowing that they are going to be embarrassed? If these are our stars of the future it may be good to give them some international experience, but isn't it also likely to convince them to abandon all hope of success in athletics?