XTE Midsummer Race 1 (Coey Yuen)
ANS Shatin 10K Classic Riverside Race 2017 (Manstar)
Sogo Charity Run 2017 (Coey Yuen)
Standard Chartered HK Marathon 2017 (wmhy)
Fat Choi Run 2017 (Meimei Chan)
Fat Choi Run 2017 (Meimei Chan)
China Coast Marathon 2017 (wmhy)
Coca Cola Running Fun 2016 (Sunny Leung)
Garmin 10K (Garmin 10K Facebook page)
Garmin 10K (Coey Yuen)

all-Japan Veterans' Championships

This year's Japan veterans' meet will be in Wakayama October 27-29. This is a good quality track meet for those over 35, but there is no road race. There will however be a steeplechase, a pole vault and a hammer throw, which are often omitted from these meets. To get on the mailing list, email shtb AT the i-cable email address.