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Setting up Parkrun in HK

Hey guys, wonder if anyone ever heard of Parkrun before, if not feel free to check out in here -->>
The concept basically is turn up every Saturday and run 5km. Parkrun initiate with a group of people, totally spontanous and you can get a free time from your run too.

I would like to start a Parkrun in Hong Kong. Currently the only south east asia country been doing parkrun is Singapore. I would like to gather more runners' opinions regarding this. Feel free to respond and give your advice, would be happy to know how to get it started. For any opinions feel free to send me an email:


Re: Setting up Parkrun in HK

I've enjoyed doing these in other countries and agree it wold be nice to have in HK. For fn runners 5km is a good distance and for faster runners there are very few opportunities to do a timed 5km here.

But the logistics are hard to overcome - would a license be needed for every week? In uk these are usually in parks. Hk either has road or trails, seems the pedestrainised or service roads would be a possibility. Also, with a normal race, it takes places yerly, this needs organisation year round, pro-bono probably

But...if one was set up i'm sure it would get a good turnout

Re: Setting up Parkrun in HK

good idea

some running clubs actually do similar things but in different ways . Star run often organises free group runs and then Nike has a weekly run in different parts of Hong Kong .

No licence is required unless it is a road race . Anyone can organise a run . Schools often do it . As a courtesy they may inform Police if it is a large group running on a pavement but not required . In the end it is a group of individuals who come together to run not use the word race . of course also can not run on the cycle tracks , or run on the roads and would have to obey traffic lights etc so routes would have to be carefully planned .

singapore works well because of the Park Connectors . In Hong Kong we have to run on pavements in between parks .

Re: Setting up Parkrun in HK

Hey thanks for the comment, any local organisation suggest? As we will need to look for local sponsor for doing parkrun.

Re: Setting up Parkrun in HK

Hey thanks for the comment, any local organisation suggest? As we will need to look for local sponsor for doing parkrun.

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Re: Setting up Parkrun in HK

Hi Carrie!
Hope you do succeed in setting one up!
I have some reservations about how willing the HK dept Leisure and Cultural Services (LCSD) are to accomodate your efforts.
You see, there are not many parks in HK, and where they do exist, they are mostly paved areas. The grassy areas are not "really" for public use. I tried to have a football kickout practice in the Central Lawn area in Victoria Park, and got told off for ruining the grass by one of the staff there. Yes, one person kicking a ball, ruining the grass, when ppl trample and muddify it all for big sponsored events.

Having said that though, several groups just go ahead and do their own thing:
HK HarbourRunners (They have their own Facebook page) do big group runs every Wed, and vary in locations. Tues and Thurs you'll see many "Boot Camp" style teams dotted all over the Tamar Park area. Nike do their registered-group run sessions on Thurs, as do practically any sporty-related brands (Lulumon, Underarmour, Adidas, Puma, etc) A friend even joined a Sunday morning Yoga thing at Sun Yat Sen memorial park that started as just 3 friends, but now ballooned to over 30 at times. No registation, "Just Turn Up" as their motto states. Have a google search, there was a local article about them recently.

bottom line - its possible, and requires persistence. Join afew of the above, and talk with them to find out how it all started. Once the momentum builds, the world is your oyster (or at least the parkrun :) )
Best of luck!

Re: Setting up Parkrun in HK

Parks in HK are too small to run and too many people too.

You may modify to run on roads like Tai Tam, Sir Cecil's Ride, Bowen Road. They are all good trails with no traffic. Change the routes say every quarterly..

I remember AVOHK has Sat run near Wanchai Gap Rd, not sure if they are still doing that.