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I just submitted my application for the Tokyo Marathon ballot. It is the fourth year in a row I am trying, and always failed so far. Anyone successful before? Is it just luck, or are there any factors that can help? Thanks

Re: Tokyo

oh dear Michele , hope you get it this year , i have run 7 times , 6 times balloted , once through travel agent . For next year i joined through the charity option so give you my lucky ......foriegners certainly do better than japanese but it is a lucky draw . i know some husbands have got it and wives not.....there is no trick.
but do book your hotel now through or something similar which gives you a chance to cancel for free just in case you are selected . if you wait until results are out many hotels will be already full .
Good Luck

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Re: Tokyo

Hi Michele

It's far easier compared to London :) If you really want to run, you may consider Charity Entry, although at about HK$7700 it may appear expensive but still reasonable for a charity entry.

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Re: Tokyo

I got lucky on my 2nd attempt. It's so worth considering a tour package with one of their authorised agents who guarantee entry. Yes, of course you'll be paying more than if you arranged hotel, flights, transport and application yourself, but its stress-free.
I remember last year when I got confirmed place, it was a frantic panic to check multiple sites for best available economy flights and hotels! Seats literally vanished before my eyes as I was trying out various combinations of dates and times!
Entry and accomodation package available for £1599, need to arrange your own flight, but at this point should be easier than when confirmations are sent out.
Entry and Accomodation again, flights not included. Waiting list. US$2559 (HK$19,832) for shared occupancy, which isn't bad if you consider ballot application alone costs 12800yen, about HK$989 already!

Good luck - its so much fun and the best atmosphere ever! Oh, I also got a PR of 3h48min from the electrifying support all along the route!

Re: Tokyo

thanks for your comments!