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Asia Veterans' Road Race Championship

Asia Masters Athletics
Road Race Championships 2016

A Postal Race

Distance: Half marathon

Only results from the following three events will be considered

- the Standard Chartered half-marathon January 17, 2016
- the China Coast half-marathon January 31, 2016
- WMA half-marathon championship in Perth, November 6, 2016

Eligibility: Men and women 35 or older who hold a Hong Kong ID card

Entry fee: None beyond the entry fees for the races

How to enter: Send your best result from the three races to Stephen Kwan (stephenkhn@gmail.com). Enclose a copy of your Hong Kong ID card. You may obscure the ID number if you wish, but the name, photo and birthdate should be clear. If you appear in the official results under a name different from your ID card (Sahn Hahng Tai Bo instead of William Franklin Purves, for example), you need to explain that too.

• In 5-year age groups from 35 for men and women
• Each athlete’s best time will be compiled with those of athletes from all over Asia and the combined list will be posted on the AMA website
• The top 3 men and women in each age group will receive championship certificates

Please address any questions or comments to Stephen Kwan at stephenkhn@gmail.com

Re: Asia Veterans' Road Race Championship

The Stanchart half was the first of the three races counted for the Asian Veterans' Road Race Championships. If you finished it, just follow the instructions in this thread to enter. It's free!

Bill Purves

Re: Asia Veterans' Road Race Championship

The results of the Coast of China half have been posted at


This is the second leg of the Asia Veterans' Road Race Championships for runners in Hong Kong. If you finished the half marathon (and are 35 or older), submit your results to Stephen Kwan. See the instructions above. It's free!

You won't likely win anything with your time on that killer course, but you'll see how you rank against others your age all over Asia.

Re: Asia Veterans' Road Race Championship 2017

This postal race will be held again in 2017. The Hong Kong races will be the Standard Chartered half-marathon, the Coast of China half and the half-marathon at the Veterans' World Championships in Daegu, Korea in March. The Stanchart is already closed, but the China Coast is accepting entries and Daegu entries should open shortly. You only need to do one.

Bill Purves

Re: Asia Veterans' Road Race Championship

Please note that the 2016 competition closes next Thursday. Please send your results from the 2016 Standard Chartered or Coast of China half-marathon along with an ID card copy (to prove your age), as described above.

Bill Purves

Re: Four New Asian Champions

The results of the Asia Veterans' Road Race Championship for 2016 are now posted at


and Hong Kong has four new Asian champions: Angelina Kong in the W45s, Janine Canham at W50, Gillian Castka at W60 and Mike Capper at M50. Congratulations.

A glance at the results will show that many HKRunners readers could have done well in this competition. It will be held again in 2017. The events are the Stanchart half, the Coast of China half and the half at the WMA championships in Daegu. Entries for the latter two are still open. Delay no more!