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Veterans' Track 2016

With the very enjoyable HK veterans’ track meet behind us, it’s time to think about veterans’ track in 2016. The year’s 3 big events will be the Asia veterans’ championship in Singapore May 4–8, the veterans’ world championships in Perth Oct 26–Nov 6, and our own Hong Kong veterans’ meet tentatively scheduled for Nov 19.

2016 will also see the inaugural Asia Veterans’ Road Race Championships. This will be a half-marathon postal race, where you run a half-marathon here in Hong Kong and send in your time to be ranked with all the others your age in Asia.

Right away, there are two events on the calendar. There will be a veterans’ track meet in Nilai, Malaysia December 20. It’s a one-day meet, so not all events will be held. The longest race is a 3000m and a 3000m walk. But if you intend to be in Malaysia around Christmas time, Nilai is the town closest to the KL airport, so it might be worth a visit. Entries close December 10.

The other upcoming meet is the Thai veterans’ championships in Sakon Nakhon near the Laotian border. It’s not until March 4–6, but entries close Christmas Day. This is a good meet with athletes from many countries and all the events including a road race. HK always sends a team, and it’s always great fun.

Mailing lists are open for both Malaysia and Thailand. If you will be over 34 in 2016 and are interested in more information about either meet, please email shtb AT the i-cable email address.

Re: Veterans' Track 2016

We now have two more invitations to add to the 2016 dance card. The Sri Lanka veterans' meet will be in Colombo Feb 27&28. Then the Taiwanese will hold their spring meet in Changhua March 11 - 13. With the Thai meet in the middle, that opens up the possibility of a 3-game road trip (as the Americans would say) Colombo, Thailand and Taiwan on 3 successive weekends.

Thailand is now closed, but the mailing lists for Colombo and Changhua are still open. The contact address is shown above.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016

Note that although the Asian Championships are not until May, entries close this Friday. This is a track meet with no road race, but it does have a 10,000m, a steeplechase and all the usual track events except the decathlon and heptathlon. For more information and to enter, contact shtb AT the i-cable email address.

Bill Purves

Re: Report from Thailand

After 2 days of the Thai Veterans' Championship, Oscar Wong has a 6th in the shot, a 5th in the discus and a 4th in the walk. Sheila Purves has a silver in the 5K road race. Sahn Hahng Tai Bo took gold in the M70 walk.

Hot weather and much beer. A big banquet tonight with entertainment.

Bill Purves

Re: Report from Taiwan

We had a team of about 45 at the Taiwan Spring veterans' meet over the weekend. Too many good results to report in detail, but our main accomplishment was winning both the men's and women's team prizes (based on points won in all events). The women were ahead by lunch time on Sunday, but the men were sitting in third place at the start of the last session. Our racewalkers and steeplechasers pulled us through to move into first place. It's the first time we have won both team titles in the same meet.

A standout weekend from Rebecca Lau who set Taiwan records for her age group in both the 1500 and the 5000.

More photos, videos and other stuff than you would ever want to see are posted on the Hong Kong Masters Runner page on Facebook.

Bill Purves

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016

We have 105 on our Hong Kong team for the meet, the largest Hong Kong team ever. I don't think even the HKAAA has ever sent such a large team overseas.

The action starts Wednesday. Results should be posted at

and if there is WiFi at the stadium I will try to post some updates about our Hong Kong competitors. The Hong Kong Masters Runners page on Facebook will no doubt have lots of photos and video.

Bill Purves

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016

Gold and silver for HK in the first final of the meet -- Sam Liu and Daniel Cheung 1 - 2 in the M55 5000walk. Second race, Anthony Sin bronze in the M60s.

Ceci,Bonnie, Margaret all went through to tomorrow 's 100m finals.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 1

In the afternoon, bronze for David Ng in the high jump and for records guru Jason Fu in the 5000 walk.

Tomorrow we have several qualified for the 100m finals in various age groups.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 2

Good start with Cheng Ip Ming winning the first final of the day, W60 5000walk. Later, Rebecca Lau won the W65. Both just walked away from the field. Mrs Wu got bronze in the W65.

In the 800, Cheng Hin and John Campbell got bronzes in the M55 and M60 respectively.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 2

It's getting to be too many medals to write about each separately. On day 2 we earned 3 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze. Details are on the Hong Kong Masters Runner Facebook page. In 2 days we have now matched our total in the last two Asian championships.

But I must mention our SWEEP in the W55 walk. Catherine Kwan, Rita Li and Moon Choi took gold, silver and bronze. A sweep is very, very unusual in a championship like this with 25 countries competing. Go HK!

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 3

Two gold in the morning session, both in the high hurdles. A second gold for Max Siu and the other for Candy Wong.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 3

Just before lunch a bronze in the high jump for Mei Lai. She had interrupt her jumping to run the high hurdles, where she was fourth.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 3

First, a correction -- Mei Lai got bronze in both the high hurdles and the high jump(more or less simultaneously).

Ernie Tam earned us another gold in the M45 triple jump and Mick Wong silver in the M40 400.

Now for some names people on this board are more likely to know: Mike Capper lapped the field in the M50 10,000. Wu Ting Hung got silver in the M60s and Ivan Lo the bronze.

John Campbell won the M60 steeplechase.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 4

Another gold yesterday- - Ernie Tam in the long jump. Also 3 more silvers: Tang Kin Fai in the pole vault, and two names you know. Cheng Hin silver in the 1500 and Rebecca Lau silver in the 5000 behind a very impressive W60 Japanese.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 5

Started the last day by winning the W50 4x100 by about 1.4 seconds.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 5

Charlotte Cutler just won the W40 1500 in 5:08.

Re: Asia Veterans' Track Championship 2016 day 5

Someone else you know just took silver in the W65 1500: Rebecca Lau.