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getting to Bowen Road from Causeway Bay

Dose anyone know the best and quickest way to run from Causeway Bay (I live near Victoria Park) to the start/end of Bowen Road running path?

Re: getting to Bowen Road from Causeway Bay

Run all the way up Tai Hang Road will lead you to Bowen Road

Re: getting to Bowen Road from Causeway Bay

Is that really the "quickest" route? Seems like a VERY long way to get there...I'm sure there must be a "short cut???"

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Re: getting to Bowen Road from Causeway Bay

I believe Tai Hang Road as suggested by rlau is the quickest. Or you can run towards HK Sports Stadium and then Broadwood Road or Ventris Road but not sure if it is shorter. Or you can work out the best route on Google map.

Re: getting to Bowen Road from Causeway Bay

Tai Hang Road is not safe as there're no sidewalks on quite a few spots. You have end up running on the narrow roads. Try driving on Tai Hang Road, and you'll realize how easy it is to miss a runner/biker or two and run them over.

Try getting to Blue Pool Road via Happy Valley and run all the way up to the Stubb and Bowen intersection.

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Re: getting to Bowen Road from Causeway Bay

I've done some lunch runs recently that pass through Victoria Park > HK Stadium > Happy Valley > Blue Pool Road > Bowen Road.

You can skip out the HK Stadium, and go directly from Victoria Park > Leighton Road > Wong Nei Chung Road > Blue Pool Road.

Aside from skipping HK Stadium, there are no other shortcuts because Bowen Road is elevated, and thus all roads snake up the slopes.

Or you can do what I used to do before with a work colleague, and take a taxi upto the start of Bowen Road, run the length of it, and then slowly run downwards! ;)

Re: getting to Bowen Road from Causeway Bay

Thanks everyone for the feedback.
Yes, Blue Pool Road is the best way up (safest and least crowded).
I then take Green Lane, up the steps to Green Lane Service Reservoir and it's just across the road to the start (finish) of Bowen Road Jogging Track.
Can we PLEASE band together and educate (especially our young runners) about running etiquette.
I had to speak to a couple of teachers using the Bowen Road Trial for their student's P.E. lesson (which is great) but they had NO idea about using a public jogging track. They felt it was O.K. to run 4-5 abreast, usually with their heads down or chatting with each other without ANY consideration to others. I did bang into a few of them and it can become very dangerous.
I did point out to the teacher in charge about this and hope they took on board my advice.
I don't really care if others run to the left or the right...just don't take up the whole road/ aware of others around you...this must be taught at an early age.