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Round the Island 2014

13/04/2014 06:00
13/04/2014 16:00

The Round the Island time trial, an annual ultra distance event of approx 64k, will be held on April 13 (Sun) at the lower sitting out area between the public carpark and Sir Cecils Ride on Tai Tam Reservoir Road at Wong Nai Chung Gap. You choose your start time (the starts are every 15 minutes from 6am to 10am) to allow you to finish between 2pm and 4pm. For details please visit the event page on organiser AVOHK website:

Re: Round the Island 2014

The RTI 2014 is now full, no more entries will be accepted.
Dave Smith

Re: Round the Island 2014-Sabotage by the Clean the Hikes group

Yesterday another RTI was successfully completed with everyone in the usual high spirits.
This despite the efforts of the 'Clean the Hikes' hiking group and their member, 'Peter Frampton' (pseudonym) to disrupt the event. They deliberately altered the course markings to send the runners off course and away from the aid stations. This, given the extremely hot weather, could have had fatal consequences.
The RTI organiser asks that the more sane members of this hiking group provide them with the name and contact details of their member,'Peter Frampton',in order that they can pass them on to the police. The actions taken yesterday were malicious and did the groups cause no good whatsoever.
The running fraternity of Hong Kong will ensure that RTI will survive, but this man and the group, if they are all involved, must be stopped before their misguided actions really do result in a fatality.