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12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
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World’s first strapless HR Monitor FREE GIFT for HKRunners

Mio ALPHA, the world’s first heart rate monitor that measures heart rate continuously while exercising without the use of a chest strap sensor, is offering all HKRunners registered users and Facebook fans a special gift (a BOBBLE Water Bottle provided by Nutrition Asia) with each purchase made between May 22 and June 10. The price is HK$1,699, inclusive of one Mio ALPHA, Free Bobble gift, local delivery, and one year warranty. For details, please see:

全球首隻無需使用心跳帶心率腕錶 HKRunners特別優惠

Mio ALPHA是全球首隻可在運動進行中持續監測心率而無需使用心跳帶的腕錶。所有HKRunners註冊用戶和Facebook fans由5月22日至6月10日期間凡訂購Mio Alpha腕錶,即可獲贈由Nutrition Asia送出的BOBBLE水樽一個。訂購價為HK$1,699,包括Mio ALPHA、Bobble贈品、 本地運費及一年保養。 詳情請瀏覽:

Re: World’s first strapless HR Monitor FREE GIFT for HKRunners

assume that this is the same system that TomTom is using for their Cardio watch, optical measurement.
I had two TomTom and non was working, the heart rate was just erratic. At the end I was told by TomTom that the optical reading depends on your individual skin? Not mention however if you need to have, white, rather dark or whatever colour.
Look out for reviews of DCrainmaker, he is telling that the optical measurement will not give you exact measurements, just some idea about your HR.
You better take a fitness band instead

tomtom cardio runner

used my Tomtom cardio runner now for four months and quite happy with the heart rate monitoring . basically the same as my garmin strap and my polar heart strap give or take a few beats . I dont think we should expect any of these to be 100 percent accurate as they are not medical equipment . But for maintaining a steady pace using heart rate they work quite well .

I have also found the tomtom satellite pickup to be outstanding . Over the last 12 marathons in six different countries the pickup is within a minute and have had no signal loss , except when running through tunnels , but even then i found it compensated for the tunnels better than my garmin and certainly performs better than the polar GPS .and at least it is water proof .

having said the above however a search on the tomtom website will show that some people have a lot of problems with their watch . Maybe some are unlucky and have a bad model ?

Also the tomtom battery life is less than 7 hrs so I still use my garmin 310XT for ultra races . But as a marathon watch so far it has beaten everything I have used over the past few years for accuracy and ease of use , including heart monitoring .