Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019 (Chung Lin Cheng)
Lok Wah 100min Half Marathon Elite Race (MaKee Snap Shot)
Sportshouse Hong Kong 10K Challenge 2018 (Cheng Chung Lin)
Chung Hing Cup 2018 (Coey Yuen)
Chung Hing Cup 2018 (wmhy)
12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
12th Launch8 Tolo Harbour 10K Race (Sundae Lam)
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (HKRun)
Mizuno Hong Kong Half Marathon 2017 (Coey Yuen)
ASICS Hong Kong Island 10K City Race (Cheng Chung Lin)

Specialized Running Class for Marathon, HM &10K

Specialized running classes will be launched in various venues next month May with Dominic Chung as the coach.
- Assist enrolled runners in planning appropriate training loads (volume & intensity) so as to save large amounts of time & minimize chances of injury in preparing for coming races,
- Enable each training to be efficient and effective in terms of improving running economy, lactate threshold and max. oxygen uptake, etc.,
- Assist class athletes to better their health, to accomplish individual targets such as strengthen physical body, cut fat, shape up body or whatever goals realized possibly thru’ running and resistance / plyometric exercises, as well as to achieve racing goals.
- On the basis of individual athlete’s target pace, physical fitness, personal situation and weather ambient, the training load would be computed in each session for optimizing training effectiveness, avoiding over-training and under-training. Heart rates will be measured for monitoring & optimizing the effectiveness of the training.
- As regards training periodization, enrolled runners would be advised with program planning for achieving peaking during races.
- Planning nutrition and diet in the competition period for optimal energy reserve and energy metabolism in races.
- Appropriate modes of exercise & nutrient recovery would be provided. Also, undergoing training in this class would boost your stamina, muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardiac vascular capacity & flexibility as well as reduce the possibility of osteoporosis & bone decline, resulting in alleviating arthralgia (joint pains) & joint stiffness.
- Integrating with suitable strength and conditioning programs (weight / resistance and plyometric exercise programs can be designed and offered in different sport seasons if required by enrolled runners), muscles, joints, Achilles tendons and ligaments and cardiorespiratory endurance can be reinforced and so over-use problems and acute pains minimized.
- Body composition would be measured and recorded by skinfold measurements for calculating your body fat at specific times of the training in hopes of cutting it.
Ascent Sports Association:
Founded in 2004, a sports club majoring in road races & athletics in tracks. Our elite runners consist of:
- Kiprotich Thomas (HKAAA record holder in 5,000m & 10K, past HK Athletic Team representative in 5,000m & HM), 1st ranking current in FM (2hr 28min)
- Curtis Barclay-Grundle (past HKAT representative in 10,000m),
- Tsang Hon Sing (past HKAT representative in 800m for 5yrs and 1500m for 4 yrs),
- Lee Chung Leung (Franky) (Champion in age cat. In SCHKM 2012 & 2013)
NSCA (The National Strength & Conditioning Association) registered and qualified coach (CSCS – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
IAAF & HKAAA registered and qualified coach
Certificate of the Course in Sports Medicine issued by the International Olympic Committee
Personal Best: 2hr 48min in FM (at age 48), 35:48 in 10K (at age 47)
For detailed leaflet and enrollment form, please send an email to: