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Disney half

Well organised but two suggestions for next year. Can the first water stop be sooner than the 6km mark and is there any way of separating the half and the 10k runners - spent the last 5k weaving all over the place.

Re: Disney half

There was a water stop at about 3km on the other side of the ropes that I used, in spite of officials trying to stop me. I told them I needed water. There were no runners expected on that side of the ropes until the 10km kicked off, and it is advertised as a water stop in the information brochure, so I agree they should officially open that up for HM runners.

As for separating the 10km, that would be great but at the end of the day they are trying to get as many entrants as possible to raise maximum funds, there are limited other routes available without affecting access to the hotels, and they have the necessity to be all finished before the Disney park opens, so I can't see it happening. All they can do is try to avoid large rival groups clashing, and it is much better now than it was a few years ago since they changed the staggering of the start times.

Re: Disney half

Just curious, what others do.

Before I was trained properly I needed to stop for water freqently. However, with enough mileage down my belt, I am now having no water break for 10k and 1 sip of water at about 16th km for half marathon. Should I actually hydrate more?

Another thread has raised the issue of runner ethiquette, the organiser has tried hard to balance number of entrance and a proper race for the participants but the problem may still be that slower runners do not move to the side or give enough room for the passing runners.

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Re: Disney half

I think the water stations are more than enough to be honest. Even international level competitions water stations are usually 5K per apart water (outside of the 3K station UNICEF half is 3K per water station).

Overall a brutal race with the rain but I actually PBed this race with my first ever sub 2:00 finish at 1:54. Besides training more I think I owe a lot of my improved result to my hydration management strategy. I stopped at every water station and popped a energy gel at 9K and 15K. Even though I lost a little bit of time at the water stations I noticed minimal drop-off in energy/hydration level until the very end which I think helped.

Unicef 10 kms 2012 at Disneyland

Any information on when they will put up the timings of the recently conducted race at Disneyland? Thanks

Re: Unicef 10 kms 2012 at Disneyland

Officially, early Dec.

Re: Unicef 10 kms 2012 at Disneyland

According to the Runner's Guide, results will be on the event website from Monday 3 December.

Re: Disney half

The first official water stop being at 6km would be fine (in cool conditions) for people who join the starting queue just before the race start time, but given that this race is so crowded, I tried to line up early this year (along with hundreds of other people) which meant I was already thirsty after a couple of km, and I am sure I am not the only one! I can't see any good reason for excluding HM runners from the 3km water stop.