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Anyone have any details of a Chinese-organised 10K and family 1.2KM run sometime in Jan 2013?

hi all, does anyone still have that leaflet of a 10K race that also has a famiy run of 1.2K afterwards, sometime in Jan 2013?

After the Mizuno Shing Mun River 10K race, I picked up a leaflet that was 100% in chinese. My reading skills are limited, but I gathered that there was a 10K race, and shortly after, a family-oriented 1.2KM run for an adult + child. (3x 400m laps of the Shatin sports ground.)

After some thought, I was really interested in this: would be great to do a 10K run, and then have my 3yr daughter join me for a leisurely run with other kids. I always wanted to bring her along for a run (she's quite enthusiastic about running in shopping malls, and hilariously keeps telling mum that she's just done 10K! hahahaha)

Only problem is... I'VE LOST THAT LEAFLET!I recall the leaflet has a form on the back to fill in to post the application, but I was hoping that some fellow runner would still have it, or at least advise what is the website so that I can download the form to submit?

The only other pertinent details I can recall are:
- 10K individual race starting at 8am
- Family pair 1.2K race starting around 9:30 or 9:45am (enough time for me to finish my 10K, rehydrate, and run with my daughter!)
- The leaflet was 100% in chinese
- The location is at Shatin sports ground, with the 10K going along the Shing Mun River, like the Mizuno one.

Hope someone can help! :)

Re: Anyone have any details of a Chinese-organised 10K and ...

I think you mean the "3rd Nameson Jin Jia Zhuang Cup Lunar New Year Run" on 2013.1.20


entry form: http://www.stsa.org.hk/admin/ewebeditor/uploadfile/2012/2012101813272410...

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Re: Anyone have any details of a Chinese-organised 10K and ...

That's the one! You star! :)