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Dear all, last Monday I had an unpleasant if not to say scary moment running the McLehose Section 3 in run into a Black Cobra, not the first time I run into snakes, but sixths time a little bit too close. Have anybody heard about incidents on Hong Kong trails? Wondering what to do if you really got bitten.
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Re: Snakes

I saw several of different varieties on the way up to Sunset Peak last Saturday morning. I actually stood on the first one's tail (this was just a rat snake) accidentally when I stumbled; luckily it had heard me coming and was sliding away. It was a bit shocked and small and did not have the reach around to retaliate. I then was about a foot from a black cobra on the descent into Pak Au but I think it was sleeping as it just hissed and reared up a little. I have been bitten by a snake before here so I am sensitive to the issue.

If you get bitten you need to get treatment. Try and identify which breed of snake has got you. If you are with someone bitten try to keep them as calm as a panic attack can alter normal blood shunting and lead to blood being pumped back to the heart too quickly. Call for help and someway to transport the victim from where you are. Keep the limb in a functional position and below the heartline. Sitting or standing upright is best. Avoid alcohol or any other vasodilators including many common painkillers.Remove clothing, watches, bracelets etc that may constrict circulation with swelling. Try to keep them still and do not incise the wound!

Re: Snakes

Hi thete
Well thanks gor the comments but I run always alone so it is difficult
Seems I have to read a little bit more about snakes
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