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Sad news

Athlete dies in New York-area Ironman competition

As i know, he is a Hong Kong Runner.


Andy Naylor

For those who know Andy and do not already know about it, here is the message from Andy's wife on HKLRRC's Facebook page today:

Sad News

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness & regret that I have to tell you that my beloved husband, Andy, passed away this morning. He was close to the end of the swim leg of New York Ironman and it is suspected that he had a heart attack. The medics tried hard to bring him back to us but were unable to do so. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause.

I will return to HK on Monday with our girls. It is likely that we will have the funeral in Wales for family & initmate friends followed by a memorial in HK at a later date.

It gives me some comfort that Andy died doing something he loved but we will miss him sorely. He was everything to us and it is going to be a hard jornney ahead for all who knew and loved him.

I will be in touch when I have some details.

There are some people who I have missed off. It is not deliverate, just that I don't have access to everyone's details & I'm not quite functioning fully today. Please feel fee to forward this email.

Love & regards,

Re: Andy Naylor

And you can join this Tue (Aug 14) evening in Sai Kung (copied from HKLRRC Facebook page)

7pm sharp, Sai Kung throwing nets, Sai Kung Stadium

1 minute silence for Andy followed by a pyramid session which he knew we all love to hate (I will dig one out of the archives).

Let's honour this amazing man who supported and inspired us all.

Rachel (and Kellie)

There will be a discreet collection box for Lynn and the girls should you wish to give.

Re: Andy Naylor

Old friends, fellow runners and associates,

I have just heard the news about my old friend and running partner Andy Naylor. To say I am sad to hear this news is a total understatement. Andy was like many of us all who visit this website; he loved his sport, loved his running, while all the time, giving quality time to family and work. We all know it can, at times be a tough juggling act. To hear he died doing a race upsets me, worries me but also I take some comfort knowing he went doing what he and we all enjoy. Andy was a great runner, competitor, rival and friend.

Mark Williams

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Re: Andy Naylor

Sorry to hear this sad news - R.I.P.

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Re: Andy Naylor

Saddened :'(

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this tragic time.


Re: Sad news

Such a total shock, as Mark rightly says, a great friend, competitor,and huge contributor to the Hong Kong Running scene. My sincere condolences to his wife and family.

Peter Hopper

Re: Sad news

Though we didn't know each other but I met him so many times at races those days. May he rest in peace and condolences to his family.


Re: Andy Naylor Facebook Page

The Andy Naylor Memorial Facebook Page has been set up to pay tribute to Andy: