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Cyberport Runners


just wondering if there are any runners in the Cyberport area interested in doing some long runs?
I've just moved into Bel Air and signed up for the Singapore Marathon and need some motivated training partners.


Re: Cyberport Runners

I am working in CyberPort. I do some short run in the lunch time and a 8~9k run to Central on Wed after work.

Re: Cyberport Runners

Hi, thanks Alex.

I work in Central so I dont think I could do that unless its when I work from home from time to time. I was thinking more of either early mornings before work or weekend long runs.

Re: Cyberport Runners

I have a friend (not on this forum) living in Bel-Air and start to run in the early morning around 7am for 4-5k. If you're interested, please send me an email.

Re: Cyberport Runners

Hi Sean this is David, I just moved back to HK from Singapore and did the Singapore Marathon few times. I stay in the western district and always run from home to Aberdeen via Cyberport during weekends.

I am thinking to explore the route further to Stanley.

Let me know if you are keen to try out together.



Re: Cyberport Runners

I tried that route last year.

After Aberdeen, just kept on running along the sea side. After passing the industrial area, and the Aberdeen Athletic Field, you should reach the Country club. Then you will reach Deep Water Bay and finally Repulse Bay.

But from Repulse Bay to Stanley, you have to run along the road which I've tried and won't suggest you to do so. But you can go further to South Bay from Repulse Bay. And the total distance from Victoria Road (West district) to South Bay should be ~14-15km and a round trip will be almost 30km.

Re: Cyberport Runners

Hey David and Alex,

I'd be very interested in doing a run like that. I'll send you an email to talk more about it.

I've just injured my knee so I might be out of action for a couple of weeks.

- Sean