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100 KM Ultra

Hi there
I would like to ask some of your guys for your opinion.
I will run the HK 100 coming February for which I am training in the last couple of month.
During the training I have run also several races, HK 50, KOHT etc.

Well the week before the HK 100 is now scheduled, there is another KOHT. Should I run this too, or would this too much.
From some training schedule I saw the rather recommend some easy jogs in the week of the race?
cheers and keep running

Re: 100 KM Ultra


My advice would be to do the KOTH half instead. The KOTH Full Marathon on Lantau is really tough and I'd say too much the week before a 100km race, the KOTH Half is probably a good warm-up. That's what I'm doing and I assume a lot of others are as well.


Re: 100 KM Ultra

Hi Andrew
Probably a good idea see you there

Re: 100 KM Ultra

if you usually take part in the koth full and enjoy them over the shorter distance halfs, i'd say go ahead and take part in the 30km lantau full rather than the 14km half.

the half is straight up, then straight down lots of steps, then back along a contour trail with all that that has to offer.

the full on the other hand, though only 30k, is just a great half day out of challenging varied terrain, up, over, down and around lantau, which would be great final prep if run and hiked at your planned 100k pace, to dial in your equipment and nutrition choices etc.

you don't have to race it necessarily if that's what you usually do, just enjoy the event as a final tune-up/prep for your 100.

the need for tapering down for 'a' races all depends on how much training you have done in prep and need to absorb to then use on race day.

also it depends on the distance involved of your 'a' race.

for ultras up to 100k and the pace they are hiked and run at, time on your feet to callous your body and mind everyday in prep counts for a lot, over missing out on a great event like the lantau full one week out.

just rest hard with a massage and extra sleep/naps, good nutrition, visualization and short walks and/or runs the last week and you'll be good for the 100 i reckon.

Have fun whatever you decide, it's all good when you get to choose to do stuff like this eh?

Re: 100 KM Ultra

Hey thanks for your thoughts
Well I guess I take the half and let it easy the days after. The 100 K will be a great challenge and still hope that I will enjoy the race.
Happy New Year a