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Mesotherapy in HKG?

Any advice regarding mesotherapy in Hong Kong? (for Achilles tendonitis treatment)
Where to go? Recommendation? Expensive? Long treatment?
I've heard great things from ex-injured friends in France

Re: Mesotherapy in HKG?


but mesotherapy use small needles to facilitate the diffusion of some medications into a localized part of the body.

So... the question is which medications is going to be used ? because in reality for chronic Achilles tendinitis, there has not been any proven cure with any kind of medication, since is more a kind of "mechanical problem" then a typical inflammation.
If is in acute initial stage, some localized anti-inflammatory can bring down the inflammation and reduce the production of degenerated cells, but this only works together with rest, icing, eccentric lifts, etc...
Once you are in chronic stage, it is a different story... the adhesion between sheath and tendon is formed and is more a question of breaking down the adhesion (together with rest...).

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Re: Mesotherapy in HKG?

Thanks Roberto
And it seems that any tendonitis is different (one runner one tendonitis basically)
A friend of mine told me he had chronic tendonitis...did all the classic stuff, even went through shockwave treatment but he reckons that's the mesotherapy sessions that cured him
Anyway, just investigating at the moment...
Sticking to drills, shockwave and rest for now. Hopefully it will work ;-)