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Chronic injury

I like long distance running. I've been suffering from chronic injury on my right foot for over one year. The conditions have been sometimes better sometimes worse. Below are the symptoms:

1. Feeling of tingling and numbness on the bottom of my right foot.

2. Sometimes when the foot is in motion, there's an annoying feeling of burn (灼熱感), lasting only 1 or 2 seconds each time.

3. When walking, sometimes I feel like something hard and sharp being inserted between my sock and the heel arch of my right foot, causing pain on the heel arch.

4. When the conditions are worse, I have uncomfortable feeling (something like tension) on the bottom of my right foot.

5. After prolonged standing, I often have heel pain and I feel like there's not enough cushioning under the heel. It's even worse when I stand on hard surface with bare foot. (This particular symptom also appears on my left foot)

The above symptoms do not appear all the time. The conditions tend to be worse during wet and rainy weather. I've completely stopped running for several months, but the conditions only improved a little. The feeling is a bit better after icing it. I also tried some kinds of stretching on it, but it always becomes worse after stretching.

Please point me to the right direction for treatment.
Thanks in advance for your advice.

Re: Chronic injury

1. you might have a flat heel arch (平足), better check with a doctor; if yes, buy a nice foot support (鞋墊) for sport and flat heel arch. It usually cost over $200-300. Also wear running shoe specific for flat arch.

2. regularly do yourself a foot massage by pressing your foot and rolling over a golf ball for 10-20 minutes. you may feel certain abnormal pain and stiffness, if yes, keep pressing on the area

3. stretch your foot, visit

4. on running form, better land on the outside of the foot first, then quickly transit to the whole foot.

hope help a bit

Re: Chronic injury

I suspect your mileage may be high and probably having intense pace as it sounds like a case of overuse. Since pain persists despite rest, I suggest you see a doctor to refer you to a sports podiatrist to rule out other conditions like stress fracture. The podiatrist should do gait analysis and suggest insoles like what ccbill said. Such insoles should also be extended to your work shoes. Ask for off the shelf and light weight polyurethane insoles. Sometimes, podiatrist prescribe overly heavy insoles and painful to wear.