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ING Europe-Marathon Luxembourg - achieving a sub-3

Dear Fellow Runners

Just wanted to share my good news with some people who 'understand' as most of my friends don't run (at least, not voluntarily!).

At the beginning of this year, I set myself the goal of trying for a sub-three-hour marathon. It seemed unlikely, but after the incredibly hot and humid Phuket Marathon 2010 I felt that in better running conditions I would have been in 3:10-3:15 shape so why not go for broke?!

On the evening of 11 June, I ran the Luxembourg Marathon. I'm pleased - and amazed - to report that I finished in 2h55m39s net (from memory, gun was 2h56m09s). Having used a new training approach with three runs per week. I began to feel nervous in the couple of weeks before the event and started to convince myself that I was under-prepared. I therefore went in with the 'realistic' target of around 3:15. However, while waiting for the start, I worked hard to think positively. Once we were underway, I felt strong and just focused on relaxed breathing rather than my watch to gauge effort. With just a few minor hip niggles around the 28-32k mark, I'm genuinely surprised and delighted with the result - goes to show how important the mental game is!

The course was tough going in parts with no support and barely any other runners in sight - ahead or behind! There were was also a lot of twisting and turning as well as large parts of the route going through uninspiring half-finished housing developments. However, where there were supporters, they were all VERY encouraging. We had our names printed on our bibs, so the calls of "Allez, [insert name], Allez!" and the high-fives helped keep us going! There were also more scenic parts around Luxembourg city centre. Perhaps not a marathon to make a specific trip for, but if you happen to be in town, it's well-organised and decent weather conditions.

Anyway, apologies for long post, but wanted to share and to encourage everyone to keep chasing their goals - even if they seem unattainable/unrealistic!

All the best