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Race with Pink Heels 2011

Details of the Race
Date: 18th September, 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Venue: HK Stanley-Market (Stanley Main Street)

Our Goal
To raise HK$500,000. Fund raised will be benefiting the underprivileged breast cancer patients and their families to undergo genetic counseling and screening services for BRCA mutations.

How to win the race?
Participants will wear a pair of 2 inches high heels and compete for championship at HK-Stanley Market Main Street (100-metre long course) on the event day. Depends on the selected categories, runners are encouraged to wear high heels decorated with pink accessories or simply go pink heels (for details, please refer to Race Categories and Details).

Registration fees
HKD 200 per person
P.S. HKD100 discount is offered for early bird registration.

Race Category
1. Corporate Team Race
2. Men Pink Race
3. Women Pink Race
4. Wife-Carrying
5. Three-Legged Walk

Minimun Sponsorship

- Corporate Team Race: HKD 10,000 per team
- Wife-Carrying/ Three-Legged Walk: HKD 1,000 per team
- Men Pink Race/ Women Pink Race: HKD 800 per person

While breast cancer is posing the biggest threat in women’s health, does it mean that men can stay out? It would be a huge mistake if you really think so. In fact, men are also facing the threat to breast cancer.

Scientifically, both men and women have BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, so alterations in these genes can be passed down from either the mother or the father. A mutation in one of these genes can increase the lifetime risk of breast cancer up to 10 times and of ovarian cancer is up to 50 times more than the population risk. Men with such a mutation would have a 60 times increase risk of getting breast cancer and may also have prostate cancer.

To raise public awareness and increase the understanding of hereditary breast cancer,
HK Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry is going to hold a fundraising sport event, Race With Pink Heels in September 2011. The event will be co-organized with Hong Kong Multisports Association. And at the meantime, we feel honorable to have Ms. Joey Yung to be our officiating guest.

This will definitely be a fun-filled event and a great opportunity for corporate/individuals to demonstrate a positive impact and help the communities connect with the fight against breast cancer.

Action now!
Be in her shoes and race to support BRCA patients and their families!

To download registration form:

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假如你有這種想法就真的大錯特錯! 其實,男士也一 樣受到乳癌的威脅。



日期: 2011年9月18日 (星期日)
時間: 上午11時至下午3時
地點: 香港赤柱市集(赤柱大街)


- 參加者需穿上2吋高踭鞋在赤柱大街的一百米跑道上,與其他參加者一同角逐冠軍殊榮。
- 大會鼓勵各參加者穿上粉紅色高踭鞋或配以粉紅裝飾品的高踭鞋作賽(視乎各組別的參賽要求, 包括高踭鞋及非高踭鞋組別)。

報名費: 每位港幣200元
P.S.六月三十日前報名, 可獲減免港幣100元

1) 公司隊際六人組
2) 男子組
3) 女子組
4) 揹老婆組 (非高踭鞋組別)
5) 親子二人三足 (非高踭鞋組別)


公司隊際六人組 - 港幣10,000
男子組/女子組 - 港幣 800

揹老婆組/親子二人三足 - 港幣1,000


詳請可致電 2835 7028 / 2835 7823 與資料庫同事聯絡, 或瀏覽資料庫網頁