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Gyeongju International Marathon sharing

Just finished the Gyeongju Marathon in S. Korea with an official time of 2hr 50min 38s on 17 Oct. It's indeed an enjoyable race passing some scenic & cultural / historical points (landmarks) as well as rice fields. Besides, we had had to run thru' the crowds of two markets, being cheered up by the roadside spectators & motivated by the rhythmic sounds of the Korean big drums. All the scenes were decorated with the beauty of the fall mixed with the red & yellow tones of fallen leaves. This race has been labeled as an "IAAF Road Race SILVER" this year.

The weather was sunny with temp. ranging from 14~20 degrees C & RH of 70~40%. Plenty of water & sports drinks were provided along the course, with distance signs at every km. The volunteers and officials were quite nice and helpful. We're allowed to equip our gear in the VIP room. Besides, when I struggled the last stretch to the finish line, my name was voiced out from the speaker, accompanied by some Korean words. Though I felt quite harsh mainly due to some stomach discomfort, I exerted all my effort to run the last section with motivation.

The route was quite interesting despite of being not a fast course, with some slight hilly sections especially in between 20~30km. The top three of the elites were just under 2hr 10min, viz, the fastest went to an Ethiopian clocking a time of 2:09:13, 11 seconds after came a Kenyan. The third prize was grabbed by another Kenyan athlete with a finishing time of 2:09:44.

If we want to make good times in Seoul, the best route belongs to the DongA Seoul held in March. The winners usually can manage to clock in the range of 2hr 06min. Tokyo Marathon is a fast route too in Asia but mostly the organizer won't do us a favour in the starting zone.

(Gyeongju is designated by the UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites as it has plenty of archaeological, cultural & historical attractions.)

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