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Mad Track!

Hello everyone! Last night, we found that our track in Siu Sai Wan was closed for renovations so we decided to check out the beautiful new track in Tseung Kwan O. I must say it is very impressive. It is big, modern, clean and the green track is actually very nice and soft. The changing rooms are spacious and clean and the lockers were free. We just had to ask for one. Also, we didn't need to show our HKAAA card. We felt it was very welcoming in deed. To our surprise, we found that the two inside lanes had been neatly cordoned off with a plastic chain (the same you would get for a vip area!)and then we heard the pre recorded announcement stating that the inside lane was reserved for jogging, whatever that means. In truth it was deserted and everybody else, mothers, children and nannies were walking or jogging in the other lanes and more specifically lane 3 and 4. We had planned to do 20X300 so we decided to use the inside lane to avoid collisions and potentially serious accidents. After the first two laps, a small army of uniformed staff told us to get out. I must say I protested a lot and started arguing that it was a safety concern. Not knowing what to do with me, they pointed me to the office were I had the opportunity to meet with the manager on duty. He was a very nice man who told me he understood my concern but he told me he has received instructions and could not change them. He invited me to leave my details and said he would help moving walkers from lane 3. I rejoined the session and had to shout a lot and in some instances, nudge walkers. I was forced to be a lot ruder than I ever intended to do but unfortunately, not much happened with kids still jogging with their parents and helpers in lane 3. There were some close calls. It was a great experience but it could have gone seriously wrong. What would have happened if I had collided with a 5 year old kid at 20km/h??? One thing is certain, there's an accident waiting to happen. Unbelievably it sees the inside lanes are often reserved for jogger which doesn't make sense to me. What happened to common sense?? I can't believe the people designing the rules have ever run or done a track session. It would be so easy to say lane 1 and 2 fast, 3 and 4 medium and the rest jog or walk if you must!! Does anyone understand this?? Philippe