KTP Mid Summer Run 2015 (Benson Lau)
HK Run for Nepal (Coey Yuen)
HK Run for Nepal (Yau Gor)
Tsuen Wan Chung Hing 10K 2015 (Coey Yuen)
Tsuen Wan Chung Hing 10K (Sam Tam)
Jabra X Charmsports (Kate Wong)
Tolo Harbour 10K/4K (wahmanhungying)
Panasonic Pacers Easter Charity Run 2015 (Ling Shi Qing)
BeHeroRun 2015 (心夢之城)
ANS Shatin 10K Classic Riverside Race 2015 (Edmond Cheung)


Hong Kong Masters Athletics Meet 2014

02/11/2014 13:00

Hong Kong Masters Athletics Meet 2014 will take place on November 2, 2014 (Sunday) at Wanchai Sports Ground. Open to any athletics age 35 or above with HKAAA registration.

MSIG Lantau 50 - HK50 series (13/25/50/88)

07/12/2014 07:00

13km - Elevation gain - 793m+ (Max elev 697m)

25km - Elevation gain - 1800m+ (Max elev 934m)

50km - Elevation gain - 2700m+ (Max elev 934m)

88km - Elevation gain - 4300m+ (Max elev 934m)

Anlene Run 2014

12/10/2014 09:00

3K & 8K Individual, 3K Family & 8K Team @ HK Science Park


Pacers Autumn Run 2014

22/11/2014 18:00

10K & 3K Individual & 6K (2x3K) Relay @ HK Science Park


11th CyberRun for Rehab 2014: 5km Run/ 4km Walk

09/11/2014 08:00

Entry pledges support working with people with disability in China.
Race Details
Info: cyberrun@rehabsociety.org.hk


04/10/2014 08:30

A charity trail-race of RunOurCity to raise funds for the renovation of the ruined and decayed Christian Zheng Sheng College premises in Chi Ma Wan.

HKDRC 37th Green Half Marathon, Heifer Race To Feed 10K

02/11/2014 07:00

Registration for the HKDRC 37th Green Half Marathon and Heifer Race To Feed 10K Run 2014 to be held on November 2 (Sun) at Tai Mei Tuk has started.

New Balance 10K 2014

Unicef Charity Run 2014

23/11/2014 06:10

Unicef Charity Run 2014 will be held on Nov 23 (sun) at Hong Kong Disneyland Car Park, starting from 6:10am.

Double Cove Sai Kung 2 Ridges -8/17/18k

21/09/2014 08:00

3 courses:
Road run opportunity & Trail run opportunity
8km Road/Path - 17km Trail Explorer - 18k Trail Challenge 2 ridge

RRAC Half Marathon Relay

12/10/2014 08:00

RRAC Half Marathon Relay will be held on Oct 12 (Sun) at Tai Mei Tuk, Taipo, starting at 8:00am.

Coca Cola Running Fun 2014

07/12/2014 08:30

Coca Cola Running Fun 2014 will be held on Dec 7 (Sun) at Wu Kwai Sha, Ma On Shan, starting at 8:30am. This includes a 10K race and a 5K fun run.

AVS Charity Run Sports Fun Day

12/10/2014 08:00

10K & 3K @ Shatin Sports Ground

Individual Race & Team Race


EAST Aquathon 16.3 on 18th Oct


Bring out the Beast, Race East!
Open water swimming, Trail running, Road running
New concept race on HK!!



SAT Adventure Race 2014

28/12/2014 09:00

SAT Adventure Race 2014 is a team challenge with two participants per team (mixed, men or women) in the form of high strength cross country.

Jamieson 10KM Challenge 2014

28/09/2014 08:00

10K @ Shatin Sports Ground

Online registration: http://www.sportsoho.com/pg/match/read/3935073

HKLRRC Ladies Lads and Lassies

14/09/2014 08:30

14th September at The Peak open to all ladies and girls plus boys 12 and under. A fun run for the Under 6's. Entry form on the HKLRRC website www.hklrrc.org.hk

2014 Victoria to Peak Challenge

01/10/2014 07:30

2014 Victoria to Peak Challenge will be held on Oct 1 (Wed, public holiday), starting at 7:30am at the Central Ferry Pier No. 9 in Central.

Rally TT (Trail Running Race)

19/10/2014 09:00

Rally TT (Time Trial)

Organizer : HK Multisports Association
Objectives: to promote Trail Running; enhance friendship and teamwork

Raieigh Challenge Wilson Trail

11/10/2014 08:00

Registration for this year's Raieigh Challenge Wilson Trail to be held on Oct 10-12 (Friday to Sunday) has started until Aug 8.There are four different events, with the 78km Challenger whole course ra

AVOHK 5k Series 2014

30/08/2014 08:00

Al races held on Saturdays, starting at 8am.

Race 1: August 30, Bowen Road
Race 2: September 13, Tai Tam Tuk
Race 3: September 27, Wanchai Gap Playground
Race 4: October 11, South Bay

GOrun Together 2014

05/10/2014 08:30

GOrun Together 2014 organised by St James' Settlement will be held on Oct 5 (Sun) at Pak Shek Kok Promenade near Science Park, starting at 8:30am.

The 14th Chung Hing Cup 10K

31/08/2014 08:15

The 14th Annual Chung Hing Cup - 10K race at Tsuen Wan is available for online enrollment.

2014 Ten Times Needle Hill

02/10/2014 09:00

Enrollment started on 1/July!

2014 race information:
Date: October 02, 2014 (Thursday)
Time: 9:00 AM
Journey: Shing Mun (Jubilee) Reservoir, Upper Reservoir Gorge Dam
Price: HK$ 120

Grace Charity Double Trail Run

17/08/2014 08:00

Distance: 38k for Challenger Group, 10k for Family Fun Group
Start Point: Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam
Finish Point: Tai Mei Tuk Plover Cove Reservoir
Event Date: 17 Aug 2014 (Sun)